Sports Injury

treatment & management of sports injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction

The Physiotherapists at Hindmarsh and Fitzroy Physiotherapy have vast experience in the treatment and management of sports injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

They are dedicated and focused on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the rehabilitation of your sporting injury with our ultimate goal being to restore your full function for return to sport, recreation and work.

Sports injuries can be broadly classified as either traumatic or overuse injuries, and are differentiated from other types of injuries due to the dynamic nature in which they occur and that some individuals with sports related injuries need to perform at a higher level for their return to sport.

This differentiation is taken into consideration in the assessment and treatment plan. Each sport and person has individual demands and rehabilitation must be adapted to those needs.

Just like other injuries, early and accurate assessment and treatment is the key to a quick resolution of the problem and a speedy return to your activity or sport.

A successful return depends on:

  • Accurate diagnosis with an emphasis on the underlying causes of your pain.
  • Correct treatment of either acute injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle or tendon tears or treatment of a problem that has arisen due to poor biomechanics and movement patterns
  • Home programs and treatment regimes to facilitate your faster recovery
  • Graduated rehabilitation and a return to full activity
  • Education in injury prevention

Our skilled Physiotherapists at the Hindmarsh and Fitzroy Physiotherapy Clinics will use a combination of therapies, movement training, physical and electro physical modalities to decrease your pain and restore function. Remember the earlier an injury is detected and managed, the faster recovery takes place and any delay may make it harder to correct.

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