Your First Appointment

First of all, welcome to our Physiotherapy Clinic. 

We are an independently owned, dedicated Physiotherapy practice, conveniently located in Hindmarsh and with easy access to your other allied health professionals.

What to expect on your first appointment

We are here to help you from your very first phone call. When you call or visit our fantastic admin staff, they will ask you where your injury is or what you wanted help with. They know our physio’s very well and will help guide you as to who is best for you to see.

In your first appointment your physio will listen and talk to you about your current problem and any other significant past injuries or medical conditions. They will do an examination which will include numerous relevant tests to establish the primary cause of your issues. Addressing both your acute presentation and pain, but also during the course of treatment sessions help with the underlying contributing and causative factors.

In conjunction with our hands on approach, exercise programs may be needed to treat your specific pathology and also to help you manage your pain and contributing factors. Most injuries will require a number of sessions over a few weeks to settle. We are absolutely committed to understanding your condition and providing a personalised approach to reduce your pain and set you on the way to a fast and sustainable recovery. Education on prevention and home management strategies will be part of your plan of care.

We do have HICAPS, so if you are in a private health fund bring your card along with you and we can claim it on the spot. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos and cash payments to cover the gap.

Your treatment is not able to be claimed on Medicare unless your GP has deemed you eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) and given you this paperwork. You would need to check if you were eligible with your GP. These visits are offered at a markedly reduce rate but in order to maintain our high standard of service there is a $10 out of pocket gap for physiotherapy visits under a chronic care plan. 

If you are claiming through Work Cover or Motor Vehicle Accident we will extend credit in most cases. However if the Insurance Company or Employer rejects your Claim you are responsible for all fees incurred.

We look forward to providing you with Outstanding Physio Care.

Get in touch

If you’d like to make an appointment call us on 8346 2000 and we will find the right Physio for you. Or if you prefer, schedule a personalised consult right now with one of our caring Physiotherapists experienced in assessment, management and treatment by requesting a booking here. We would love to help you soon.

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