Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention

Empowering Independence and Preventing Falls: Our Specialised Exercise Programs

Exercise programs for balance, strength & falls prevention

Falls are an ominous yet very real part of life for people over 65 and many falls can be prevented once the causes are determined. People fall for many different reasons but loss of balance is the most common cause. This may be due to muscle weakness, joint stiffness, vertigo, fatigue or the side-effects of medication. Research has shown that falls can be prevented by retraining your balance and improving your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

At Hindmarsh Physiotherapy we can help you maintain your vital independence with the implementation of individual, class and home exercise programs for balance, strength and falls prevention.

Assessment & Exercise Programs

Our program consists of an individual assessment and regular attendance at Falls Prevention sessions. Tailored exercise programs, such as those set out for you by a Physiotherapist, have been shown to be more effective than general programs at helping people regain good balance. Gentle strengthening, mobility and balance exercises with our caring Physiotherapists will help you maintain your independence and confidence.

Exercise has the potential to improve your performance in balance, reaction time, awareness to know if you are starting to fall, and strength to stay upright and keep you on your feet.

Physiotherapy also plays a vital role in educating people about the falls risks, getting up off the floor, modifying the environment and improving your own physical well being.

It is never too late to start exercising, if you or a member of your family are concerned with your safety and balance, we would love the opportunity to assist you.