Why see a Physio?

When you suffer an injury and are in serious pain, where do you go?

Only a professional can provide the assessment you need when in pain. A huge mistake people can make is just listening to friends or family. Sure, they may have had similar experiences, but they may also be giving you wrong advice. Even simple advice on how to stretch or exercise may not suit you or your problem.

Amateur advice can often only make things worse. PLEASE check the qualifications of anyone you are placing the care of your body in. Relying too much on Dr Google or YouTube may also produce misdiagnosis and prolong your injury and hamper your recovery.

We know that there are many excellent Physiotherapy practices to choose, but finding one you can count on and build a relationship with, knowing they have pride and expertise in their approach, high quality treatment regimes, empathy and support is not easy. This is us.

But why see a physio?

Physiotherapy uses physical treatments to treat injury or pain, or even to prevent disease or deformity, and a host of other physical problems. It plays a major role in both treatment and prevention. Our Physiotherapists specialise in musculoskeletal and Sports issues. They have a wide variety of expertise ranging from the young sports person right through to the older members of our community. We also have a special interest in managing active aging, helping our patients navigate the difficulties of their previous exploits that now limit their levels of activity. Some of our physios have special interest areas of dry needling, vertigo and balance disorders and women’s health.

Physiotherapy is hands on. It’s very difficult to perform a diagnosis remotely. As we use physical methods, physios can only make a diagnosis by seeing you in person and employing several techniques. Because it is hands on, and because everybody is different, experience, knowledge and an evidence based approach are essential.

The relationships we build are an important part of assisting our patients step by step along the path to recovery.

Our physiotherapists will work out whether they can help or not. They play an important role in referring patients to other medical professionals, if it’s something more complex. Unfortunately delaying seeing a physiotherapist often delays recovery, and in some cases results in prolonged pain.

Four reasons why physios are indispensable

Diagnosis can be extremely tricky and requires considerable knowledge and experience. Consider that many instances of pain actually originate elsewhere in the body – this is known as “referred pain” (for example when a painful shoulder is actually the result of a neck injury). Physiotherapists not only provide a diagnosis, they will also give you a prognosis of how long the recovery should take.

Treatment of pain or injury will vary according to the problem and the individual, but our physiotherapists will be able to find treatments which improve recovery quickly, often within three sessions. If you have chronic pain it will understandably often take longer than three sessions to see results. Physiotherapists are skilled in the application of treatment and techniques to reduce your pain. Manual therapy to soft tissues and joints, dry needling and correct exercise prescription. If you can move better you will feel better, and this will then help you to move better ! Its a positive cycle.

Prevention This is a crucial part of our physiotherapist’s role and where we can make a huge difference. Individual programs concentrating on trouble spots, imbalances and dysfunctions will cut down your risk of injury and re injury. For example video gait analysis of your walking or running can shed light on causative and aggravating factors. The physio will work out where your trouble spots are and put a program in place, which is individual and should dramatically cut down the risk of re injury.

Ongoing conditioning and maintenance – physios can monitor your fitness and conditioning and provide the regular “tune-ups” that your body needs to maintain health and fitness. This helps you to maintain optimum fitness. Having a skilled practitioner who you trust plays a positive role in your wellbeing Our Physios will help you maintain optimum mobility, strength and fitness. Regular sessions of hands on techniques and exercise updates can play a positive role in your continued wellbeing.

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