Heat Molded Orthotics

Footwear Choices and Their Impact on Foot Health

Why can we get pain?

The human foot was originally designed to walk on natural, soft surfaces like earth and sand. Instead, we now spend most of the day on unnatural, hard, flat surfaces that force our feet to flatten and twist causing excess pronation. This pronation then disrupts normal knee function and hip alignment and increases the forces on the lower back muscles.

Additionally if there is a faulty relationship between the bones and the muscles of the foot, misalignment can result in significant discomfort. Any abnormal function can contribute to the development of bunions, hammertoes, arch and heel pain, knee pain and even back pain.

The role of physiotherapy assessment in finding solutions

Poor support in shoes and poor choices in fashion footwear has contributed to an epidemic of foot pain, heel pain, arch pain and related ailments. If you experience foot or leg pain, it may be as simple as correct footwear and advice to get you more comfortable again.

A Physiotherapy assessment of your feet and the important influence they have on your posture, joints, muscle length and strength will help determine any need for further treatment or indeed orthotics.

What are orthotics

Orthotics are custom-made inner soles that fit comfortably inside your shoes. They are designed to match your foot's arch height, width, and length. They provide support but also some flexibility, gently and consistently directing your foot into a better, less stressful and more comfortable position for weight bearing.

Signs you might benefit from orthotics

  • Worn out shoes – Take a look at your shoes – are you wearing the soles on one side more than the other? You may pronate (foot rolls inward) or supinate (ankles turn out). Is one shoe more worn than the other?
  • Big toes heading towards little toes
  • Knees rolling in or out with your gait.
  • Foot Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Injury or pain in your legs

In combination with our regular treatment regime, our dedicated Physiotherapists at Hindmarsh and Fitzroy Physiotherapy, prefer to use the heat molded orthotics to control abnormal foot function.

By realigning the lower limb to its natural angle, orthotics ensure correct foot function and can help relieve common biomechanical complaints. This provides a stabilizing angle for the foot and heel and prevents the inward rolling of the foot. They act during activities such as running, walking, even standing, to make them more efficient.

Heat molded orthotics can help with the treatment of a number of conditions including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hallux Valgus -Bunions
  • Patello Femoral pain
  • Lower Back pain
  • Tibial Stress syndrome- shin splints
  • Ilio-tibial band syndrome

Our Orthotics aim to improve walking and running patterns and can play a valuable role in the prevention and long-term management of many lower limb disorders. We choose to use heat-molded, soft orthotics because they are most effective and affordable, however for very complex foot problems, our Physiotherapists may recommend a custom-made orthotic from recommended podiatrists.

Further information

If you would like to talk to an experienced Physiotherapist about the possibility of wearing prescribed orthotics please call us on 8346 2000 0r 8342 2233 or contact us through our contact page here on our website.