Pre & post op rehabilitation

Post op and Pre op rehabilitation

Any major surgical procedure takes a toll on the body and can be both physically and emotionally challenging. When it comes to surgery outcomes and rehabilitation, pre and post-operative physiotherapy are essential. 

Physio Prehab and why is it important

A pre-habilitation program is a physiotherapy and exercise-based program that is specifically designed for people who are about to undergo surgery in the near future. These programs can help prevent complications that may arise, reduce post operative stay, improve functional outcomes, enhance post operative mobility and reduce pain.

All patients can benefit, but especially people who are prone to difficulties following surgery or who are at high risk of being transferred to a rehabilitation facility.

Low-intensity exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist enhances blood circulation, which in turn speeds the body’s healing process, from joint replacement to cardiothoracic surgery.

Similarly, patients who strengthen their core, arms, legs, and back are less likely to develop significant muscle atrophy during their rehabilitation. Muscle atrophy frequently delays a patient’s return home, even if they are recovering well.

Even a patient’s balance can be improved before surgery, reducing the likelihood of a subsequent fall, which could result in a lengthier hospital stay.

Pre-operative physiotherapy is highly effective and can prepare the body for surgery, while also giving patients the confidence to know what surgery and post-recovery will look like.  

Post Operative Rehab   

Rehabilitation is an extremely vital process after an operation or surgery. Even after a successful procedure there is a significant amount of work required to return you back to your normal and fit self. Whether it’s returning to sport or even being able to do the house chores, working with your physiotherapist plays an essential part in achieving your postoperative goals as quickly as possible.

Our physiotherapists aim to restore motion as soon as possible after surgery. Post-operative physiotherapy is essential to a successful recovery and has been proven to: 

  • Improve circulation as it not only facilitates faster healing, but also reduces the chance of blood clots occurring post-surgery 
  • Regain lost strength, movement and overall function in the area  
  • Reduce pain and swelling around the injured site 
  • Improve mobility and range of motion
  • Helps prevent future injuries or complications by teaching patients proper body mechanics and providing them with exercises and stretches to perform at home.

Recovery from surgery can be difficult, especially when the joints and muscles have to take on the body’s weight. 

We can arrange Hydrotherapy, home visits or in clinic consultations as part of your post-surgery rehabilitation 

The goal of physiotherapy is to restore, maintain, and improve the mobility, function, and well-being of our patients. 

Our pre and post op programs are specific to the person, the surgery, your pre existing fitness and assessment findings, the recommendations of your surgeon and your lifestyle requirements.

We aim to establish this in your pre and post-operative rehabilitation. If you have a planned surgery coming up and would like to know more about how physiotherapy can help with your preparations and recovery, contact us on 83462000 or get in touch here.