Taking Childrens Sporting Injuries Seriously

At both the Hindmarsh Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic and Fitzroy Physiotherapy at Prospect, we take Childrens Sports Injuries very seriously.

So should you

It would appear that over recent years the severity and frequency of Childrens Sporting injuries have increased, possibly due to the increased loads of multiple sports and also when there is early specialization into a single sport.

Children are still growing their bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments, making them more susceptible to injuries

Additionally, at the sites of growth plates where developing cartilage and bone growth occur, it is weaker than the nearby ligaments and tendons. What is often a bruise or sprain in an adult can be a potentially serious growth plate injury in a young athlete.

Generally childrens sporting injuries fall into two types

1.Macro, due to a single traumatic event

2.Micro, due to repetitive overuse trauma

It is not in the best interest of the young athlete suffering pain just to “toughen up”. It often leads to delayed healing, turning an easily treatable injury in to one that becomes long standing and difficult to settle.

An Accurate Diagnosis is essential

In most cases one of our experienced physiotherapists can make the diagnosis through an accurate history taking and a thorough physical examination. As part of a modern multidisciplinay clinic we have the added advantage of a unified approach and easy access to medical practitioners should further investigations be indicated.

Basic Principles and Advice to Parents

•Be in the proper physical condition to play the sport, prepare and be responsible. Don't play with injuries undiagnosed

•Know and abide by the rules of the sport. Respect the umpires and the opposition

•Wear appropriate protective gear and have it correctly fitted

•Know how to use the sporting equipment and why. Education and support from parents is vital

•Always warm up before playing, active stretching and preparation

•Avoid playing when children are very tired or in pain or unwell. Know your child and act responsibly

•Correct Training and coaching techniques suitable for the age and ability. Don't expect the impossible

•Children should be encouraged to train for the sport rather than expecting the sport itself to get them into shape.

•Allow kids to play at their correct level, intensity and pace. Don't overtrain and over commit the talented players

•Emphasize stretching and flexibility as vital. Complete the warm down

•Consider generalized conditioning such as swimming and athletics in the off season. It provides a wonderful muscular fitness for all sports

•Explore Musculoskeletal screening to identify individual risk factors that can then be dealt with to prevent injury. Our Physios are also skilled in this area

•Remember rest is often the first choice of treatment, avoiding the activity or reducing the intensity to allow the discomfort to resolve can prevent weeks of future disappointment

•Get an accurate diagnosis and professional support for your child. Take them seriously, its not always "nothing"

At our Physiotherapy Clinics we have the Knowledge, experience and commitment to take your Childs Sporting Injury seriously.

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As a BUPA preferred provider Children under 25 have no gap payment. See fund for details.

If you are interested in sporting injuries, you may like to read our E-Book on the prevention and management of 9 common sporting injuries.


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