Quick tips on How to avoid Yoga Injuries

Yoga is a low-impact activity however yoga injuries can occur. Like any form of exercise, if it is performed incorrectly or performed by people with pre existing musculoskeletal conditions, injuries can result.

The most common yoga injuries occur as a result of repetitive strain on the wrists, shoulders, neck, knee, spine, hamstrings and the low back. Symptoms often appear gradually becoming a chronic injury which is more resistant to treatment.

Our quick tips on how to avoid yoga injuries

1. See a physio or your doctor if you have any chronic illness or longstanding musculoskeletal injury. Ask us about any poses you should avoid.
2. Find a qualified instructor. Don’t go it alone if you are a beginner.
3. Perform warm up exercises before starting your yoga session. Stretching cold muscles and tendons can lead to injury.
4. Seek out the type of yoga that best suits your needs. Not all forms of yoga are created equal. Some are more strenuous and may be unsuitable for people with certain conditions.
5. Wear proper clothing that allows for ease of movement.
6. If you are a beginner, start slowly and do not try postures that you are not yet ready for.
7. Drink plenty of fluids, especially if participating in Bikram or 'hot' yoga.
8. If you are not sure of a pose or movement, ask your instructor.

9. Very Important- If you experience pain or exhaustion while performing yoga, stop and rest.

Always listen to your own body. Nobody else can ever get to know your body more than you can. Respect yourself and your body. And remember, yoga is not about your variation of a pose, but your experience about it!

Speak with our Physios on how we can help identify underlying issues that can contribute to Yoga injuries.

Seek treatment for any niggles before they become a chronic problem.

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