Can I have a Massage?

Absolutely YES…..with a PHYSIO

Remedial Massage was considered a non - essential service & was ordered to cease during COVID precautions. This left many people in a distressed situation who had come to appreciate the pain relieving aspect of soft tissue work.

Pain problems don’t take a holiday, and unfortunately, the increased stress and anxiety in the media and elsewhere can often heighten the perception of pain. As Physiotherapists we regularly use massage and soft tissue techniques as part of our overall management of specific problems and is often incorporated into our treatment regime.

The positive side of the restrictions was it gave people the opportunity to experience the advanced skills in soft tissue release that Physiotherapists use on a daily basis.

While relaxation and remedial massage were non essential, Physiotherapy was considered essential and we have used our massage skills to provide much welcome relief during this time. Many people have come to appreciate the advanced skills that Physiotherapist have in this area, plus the reassurance that they are registered with AHPRA and have Medicare issued Provider numbers enabling seamless claiming through their Extras.

Our Physiotherapists use massage therapy to

  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Take away trigger points
  • Improve circulation
  • Move lymphatic fluids through the system
  • Reduce swelling and issues around joints
  • Reduce stress hormones
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility
  • Speed healing of soft tissue injuries
  • Reduce anxiety and depression.

What can we do

Our soft tissue and manual therapy techniques aim to correct symptoms and help a problem that has occurred, often providing you with more of a long term solution to your problem than remedial massage alone.

The massage techniques can be an important adjunct to exercise-based physiotherapy treatments as well. Conditions that may benefit from soft tissue therapy include postural tension and headaches, neck and back pain and general muscle tension following sporting injuries. We may use several different techniques such as soft, deep and connective tissue massage,trigger point release and myofascial release and these are applied based on our individual patient needs.

If previous applications of massage have provided relief our physios are keen to help. Speak with our Physios about what techniques you have found useful and they will incorporate these into your treatment program.

Our Clinics remain open and committed to providing a safe, hygienic and responsible service for our community. We want to keep you moving.

Your health is of our utmost concern to us and we are here to help you decrease your pain and muscle tension. If you are in need of soft tissue techniques you can visit our Physiotherapists at either of our Clinics.

Be sure to let them know if this is an important aspect of your Physiotherapy treatment. We are also available for At Home Physiotherapy visits for our vulnerable or cautious socially isolating patients. Just check with our admin staff for availability.

We are here to help. Dont suffer in Silence, make an appointment to get relief.

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