Workplace Injuries

Physiotherapy often plays a significant role in the management of musculoskeletal workplace injuries and in assisting your return back to work.

Workplace injuries being claimed via Worker's Compensation must be referred by a GP or medical specialist and the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme will support the worker to get the help they need. This involves covering the costs of treatment expenses for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

At the Hindmarsh and Fitzroy Physiotherapy Clinics we have a wealth of experience in the treatment of Workplace injuries ranging from the repetitive or overuse injuries to those from traumatic episodes. Physiotherapy includes acute workplace injury treatment and also the ongoing management of longer standing problems. Injuries that are treated immediately are proven to have a faster return to work and reduced Workcover claims.


Treatment may initially involve hands on therapy, prescription of corrective exercises and advice on avoiding further aggravation to the injury. As symptoms settle it is often important to progress your home exercise program to incorporate stretching and strengthening exercises. Movement is essential to restoring function and modulating pain, remembering that inactivity leads to muscle tightness and weakness.

As painful symptoms settle, a more structured and supervised exercise program will be increasingly effective in conjunction with identifying work postures and procedures that may be aggravating your injury. Education on how to avoid further injury and resolve the problem if it were to resurface in the future is also an integral part of our physiotherapy treatment approach.

Therapeutic aids and devices are sometimes indicated as often a brace or sitting support is required in the early stages to help support an injured joint or help maintain the body in the correct position for healing. It is important to have a Physiotherapist correctly assess and prescribe these aids so that they are of maximum benefit.

A successful recovery from a work injury relies on effective communication between the injured worker, the employer, the worker's doctor, the case manager, the rehabilitation consultant and the physiotherapist. Our Physiotherapists recognise this need and are able to work in conjunction with your team to develop a cohesive and successful return to work plan.

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