The Pilates Reformer- what's it all about

Have you seen this curious piece of equipment at our clinic, in the gym or on the internet …the Reformer.

Have you wondered what this equipment is?

Reformer-based exercise is one of the most sought-after choices at Pilates Studios and Physio clinics around the world -So what is it?

In conjunction with Mat, ball and other exercises it is an integral part of our Physio Pilates classes

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The Reformer’s unique design allows improvement in strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and concentration all in one workout.

There are additional, less-known effects of a Reformer exercise program that make it incredibly beneficial for athletes, injured patients and even seniors.

The Reformer’s benefits


For athletes, the increased body awareness of a Pilates Reformer program makes other forms of exercise go further. Because every Pilates exercise engages many muscle groups and requires heightened awareness of movement and positioning, it helps to solidify the connection between mind and body, allowing one to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of movement in other exercise regimens.


Pilates Reformer exercises can be done in many different positions, including standing, sitting, kneeling, quadruped or lying on your back, stomache or side. With this variety of options, it expands the opportunities to work on countless functional movements that can be translated to other exercises.

Injury Recovery

When someone is susceptible to injury, the increased level of body awareness and strengthening from a Reformer regimen does wonders for injury prevention. It can also aid recovery when there is an injury, because a strengthened body rebuilds itself more quickly.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention and rehabilitation is all about building strength in the right muscles and increasing awareness of movement. Pilates Reformer exercises help accomplish this by improving posture through stabilization of the deep abdominals, back and pelvic girdle region.

Back and Neck pain Sufferers

With appropriate adjustment, the back, neck, shoulders and hips are effectively protected throughout our daily routines. Consequently, a Reformer program is especially helpful for those with lower-back pain, neck pain and hip injuries and for women after pregnancy.

Fit for all ages

One of the most amazing benefits is that individually tailored Pilates exercise can be performed at almost any age and can compliment so many different types of other exercise programs from running to cross fit, swimming, cycling weight training and more.

It is refreshing to know that we do not have to settle for a life of stiffness, pain and movement limitations as we get older. The Reformer program opens the door to healthful body mechanics and fitness, no matter what stage of life we are in.

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We are passionate about Pilates because we see how effective it can be for helping all kinds of people. Whether one strives to improve athletic form, prevent injury or maintain fitness for the long term, the Pilates Reformer serves as an effective complement to reaching these goals.

The best way to learn more about Pilates is to speak with our Pilates Physio. In our individually tailored Physio Pilates classes, you will learn how this revolutionary equipment can positively affect overall body health as well as inspire a lifetime of fitness.

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