Update COVID-19

Welcome ..we remain open, masks required.

We would like to personally thank all our patients and staff for their unwavering support of our clinics in light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Please know it is much appreciated.

SA Health requires contact tracing information to be completed and we are all required to wear masks. Masks are mandatory, sorry no exemptions. SA Health requires all patients to wear a surgical mask- we have spares available for purchase.

As an important healthcare service within our community, we are fortunate that we remain open, ensuring access to treatment to those in need of Physiotherapy.

Delaying treatment can increase the likelihood of your symptoms worsening, treatment success being more difficult and taking longer, thus increased expense and emotional distress. There is a well known significant relationship between mood and physical health.

We would like to reinforce that yours and our teams health is paramount. It is really important to us that our patients do not lose access to pain relieving treatment and we continue to maintain extensive precautions to help keep everyone safe.

However, if you are feeling unwell (fever, cough, flu-like symptoms), have been in recent contact with someone with any of these symptoms or have been in any of the notifiable locations please contact us to reschedule your appointment to a later date, book an online consult or just a chat on the phone where applicable.

PLEASE, if you have any symptoms we ask that you call and cancel your appointment, then reschedule it once you have have a negative test.

For those people self isolating we may provide online physiotherapy sessions. Should you wish to stay at home please contact us to learn more about this amazing service.

Through the medium of telehealth we can help with appropriate advice, education, self management techniques and correct exercise prescription and progression. But if you need hands on manual therapy treatment please come in and we can help you face to face in a safe environment.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us via email at hinphysio@hfphysio.com.au or fitzroyphysio@hfphysio.com.au or you can phone either clinic and your physio will be back in touch to help with your management. Hindmarsh 83462000 and Fitzroy Physio Prospect 83422233.

You are also welcome to send messages in the comments box of our online booking requests.

As we all navigate forwards, we will work hard at ensuring everyone can enter our clinic assured of their safety and we appreciate everyones support in helping us achieve this!

We understand that you and your family may be facing challenges of your own, and our team are accessible and ready to help. We want to reassure you we are committed to supporting our patients safely without compromising our high treatment standards or placing the community at risk.

Thank you all once again for your support.

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