Spring into action. But don’t overdo it

There is something about spring that drives us at this time of year to have a good clear out and clean of our home or to get motivated in the garden. This is great for the mind and physically the exercise is great on the body.

Here are some tips for a stress less spring

  • Consider the time you have and choose a task that you can complete easily in this time so you don’t end up rushing when you are tired to get it finished and cause yourself an injury.
  • Vary your activity and consider the action each activity has on the body – things like window cleaning and dusting require repetitive similar actions in the arm and shoulder
  • When vacuuming or mopping keep your hips and shoulders moving in the direction of work. Don’t stand with you feet planted as this will put strain on the back, instead step forward with one foot keeping the knees slightly bent rather than bending in the back.
  • If you decide to empty the cupboards, remember to know where you are going to put the contents before you start picking it up and moving it around.
  • Remember to keep boxes / bags of rubbish light – better to have more trips than struggle at the end of the day trying to carry them all at once.
  • After extended periods bent with gardening stand up and practice posture reversal.
  • Start your exercise programme gradually. Physical load needs to be increased gradually to allow the musculoskeletal system to accommodate to change
  • Remember house work and gardening are great exercise whether on a daily basis or if we decide to do a “spring clean”.They involve a lot of good, varied activities, however, each individual activity may involve a lot of repetitive movement so do vary the tasks to help prevent injuries occurring.
  • As the days get longer you can rise earlier - Early morning exercise may have some added advantages in injury prevention.

Spring can provide you with a great work out and changing the way you do your chores may also help alleviate pain whilst keeping you active. The warmer days and extra light encourage added physical exercise.

However, if you are suffering with back, spinal or joint pain or muscle aches and would like further advice on the activities that cause or aggravate your condition, please call Hindmarsh Physiotherapy on 83462000 or Fitzroy Physiotherapy on 8342 2233 to book an appointment.

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