Get Moving In Winter - Some Tips

If you or a family member are struggling with mobility issues, post-op recovery , a chronic illness or just the winter blues let us help you get moving again.

Getting moving in Winter when the weather is bad and your joints stiffen up can be daunting, especially for conditions that need ongoing physical rehabilitation.

During the colder months we tend to reduce our exercise and also our incidental activity. As well as stiffness you may feel weak or pain on certain movements. This can be due to arthritic changes, poor muscle control and muscle fatigue. If you stop moving through this bitter winter it can be even harder to get going once Spring arrives.

If you have reduced or stopped your exercise regime it may help to see one of our caring physios to help you get moving again. We can create a plan for a series of regular sessions tailored to your personal goals to get you back to your best in time for Spring.

Our experienced physiotherapists use gentle and effective treatments to help regain your pain free movement to enable you to increase your activity. In conjunction with these local treatments of joint mobilization, massage and electrotherapy to help spinal and peripheral joints feel freer and more comfortable, advice and education on mobility and strengthening compliment our hands on approach.

Some tips on keeping active this winter include:

  • Don’t let a cold cancel your routine, try gentler activities but don’t stop moving to maintain good habits
  • Book a mid winter escape, maybe one you would like to stay in shape for !
  • Make the most of every moment- integrate exercise into your day
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Use the stairs
  • Dance the night away
  • Start spring cleaning early
  • Schedule your exercise as appointments in outlook
  • Exercise your dog – or a friends who doesn’t have time
  • Go straight to gym after work and pack the ex gear in the morning
  • Put exercise clothes on when you get up

If you are having trouble overcoming those stiff joints, surgery or chronic illness and are looking for some advice or want to return to work or sport, make an appointment with us today.

Don't let this Winter stop you moving

Offering excellent services, our aim is to give you all the support and encouragement you need to give your body the very best opportunity to regain your mobility and fitness.

Please mention this is your problem when booking in so we can ensure you see the physiotherapist who most suits your needs.

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